My name is Liz. I’m a wife, mother of two, and qualified mental health nurse based in Birmingham, England. I started my blog and Facebook page in 2013 after my then 4 year old daughter Melon was diagnosed with autism.  It was, and still is, a way of reaching out for support, of engaging with the wider community of parents and autistic individuals, and of educating our friends and family about the realities of bringing up a child on the spectrum. When my son Boy was also diagnosed with autism aged 3, the pressure of my caring responsibilities meant that I had to press pause on my nursing career. My writing became a way to keep myself motivated, to keep my mind active and to help counter the isolation that being a full time carer can bring.
Now, I’m of the opinion that when life throws you a curve ball, you catch it, and learn to use it. I realised that I enjoyed writing, and I wanted to use my skills  to generate some income to replace my now non-existent nursing salary. That’s why I expanded from writing purely for myself and my online audience, and now offer a range of writing and editing services. If you want to discuss booking a writing or editing service, to submit a guest post, or to chat to me about anything else, please contact me.

Why “Cat On A Trampoline”?

In 2012, long before we knew that Melon was autistic, she drew a picture of a cat on a trampoline. It was the first time she’d ever drawn something purely from her imagination. I hung the drawing on our kitchen wall where we looked at it every day, and Melon always said “dat Melon’s cat on a trampoline”. It was one of the rare times that she spoke in a full sentence. When I came to set up my blog, I wanted Melon’s voice to be an intrinsic part of it. She couldn’t write or speak enough to express her experiences and emotions, but by using her picture as the title for the blog, (and as the profile picture for the accompanying Facebook page). Melon’s creativity and personality became a key part of its identity. In early 2014, a friend with skills in graphic design helped create the blue and green cartoon version of Melon’s original drawing (which Melon absolutely loves).  To this day that cartoon image remains the primary visual identity of the Cat on a Trampoline blog and facebook page.


Cat on a Trampoline is a lively, friendly and supportive place. Anyone is welcome as long as they are open minded, willing to support those in need, slow to judge others and able to laugh about some of the tough things in life. The more of you there are, the better. No one should ever feel alone on this autism journey.


1) NO OFFENSIVE COMMENTS. About gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, nationality, faith, ANYTHING. ” Any comments that I feel are offensive will be deleted, and the person posting them will be banned.

2) For confidentiality, I don’t be share my children’s real names, or our surname. “Melon” and “Boy” are pseudonyms.

Thanks for looking, I hope you stick around, and if you have any questions, please contact me.

~ Liz ~