copy editing and proof reading

As a writer, I understand that your words are important, and that you put a lot effort into creating your written work. As a working Mom, I understand that life can be busy and messy, and can get in the way of things like checking and proof reading your work. As a reader, I know that issues with spelling, grammar, and accuracy and structure can be off putting to your audience. They make your writing hard to read, they reduce the impact of your message, and they can drive your audience away.

I am here to help. I offer full copy editing and comprehensive proof reading services forĀ  a wide range of written material, including professional reports, speeches, scripts, recipes, manuscripts, articles, formal letters, scripts and more. For academic reports and essays, see my academic services section. If you would like to chat about using my copy editing and proof reading services, or to ask anything else, please contact me.